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NFSA Games are Coming!

Seeing how FC is only a few months away. I think its time to figure out teams and what games are going to going down at the con. Also seeing how it will offically be the first NFSA Games. Im going to toss in some Cash Prizes and Stuff so come ppl lets get rolling on this. We're gonna need players and Refs plus we need to choose some games so post up ppl!

Here are two games that will be going down at FC.

1. Deaththrow or Extreme Deaththrow. I'll post up the rules later and how you play later and we can vote.

2. FC Scavenger Hunt! This is all Opie's thing and I will get all the info on it later and post it up.


If you Ref you get a Jersey with your Name and Number on the back.
Players get a team Jersey also with there Name and Number.
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